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Federal judge seeks documents related to Michael Flynn's January 2017 interview with FBI agents
[13/12/18 04:04AM]

Oldest Institution of Southern Baptist Convention Reveals Past Ties to Slavery
[13/12/18 03:53AM]

Comunicare l'utilizzatore: all'Aniasa ' tutto pronto. Il Decreto Sicurezza prevede l'ok del Viminale per chi noleggia un veicolo
[13/12/18 03:27AM]

Vertice Ue sulla manovra, vicepriemier silenziosi al termine della cena con Conte
[13/12/18 03:24AM]

M5S, la festa in discoteca dei parlamentari per i sei mesi di governo
[13/12/18 03:24AM]

Valpolicella, Bussinello: andremo oltre Kiev, cin cin all'Ucraina
[13/12/18 03:14AM]

Borsa di Shanghai apre a +0,19%
[13/12/18 03:14AM]

Tabloid Publisher’s Deal in Hush-Money Inquiry Adds to Trump’s Danger
[13/12/18 03:08AM]

Strasburgo: Usa, solidarietą a Francia
[13/12/18 03:02AM]

The G.O.P. Is a Boys’ Club. This Woman Is Trying to Change That.
[13/12/18 03:00AM]

State Inquiry Into Parkland Shooting Reveals Broader Security Failure
[13/12/18 03:00AM]

Pelosi and Dissident Democrats Reach Deal to Limit Her Speakership to 4 Years
[13/12/18 03:00AM]

Publisher of the National Enquirer admits to hush-money payments made on Trump's behalf
[13/12/18 02:56AM]

Tappa a Kiev per il Valpolicella 50 Anniversary Tour
[13/12/18 02:56AM]

Defending Kareem Hunt Inquiry, N.F.L. Says It Won’t Pay for Video Evidence
[13/12/18 02:50AM]

Don’t Discount Older Voters. They Could Decide the White House.
[13/12/18 02:50AM]

News Analysis: Trump’s Intervention in Huawei Case Would Be Legal, but Bad Precedent, Experts Say
[13/12/18 02:50AM]

Troubled by Lapses, Government’s Voice to the World Braces for New Trump Management
[13/12/18 02:50AM]

A Tense Victory for Theresa May, With a Humbling Concession
[13/12/18 02:50AM]

Rep.-elect Mark Green walks back claim that vaccines cause autism
[13/12/18 02:27AM]

Note Pił Lette
Guarda... Stupisci, prima puntata: a lezione da Arbore e Frassica
[13/12/18 01:15AM] Visite oggi 11

This Is the Best ‘Messiah’ in New York
[13/12/18 01:14AM] Visite oggi 11

The Best of 2018
[13/12/18 01:14AM] Visite oggi 11

Nonfiction: Rock-Your-World Moments Fill New Music Memoirs From Tina Turner and a Disillusioned Hit Maker
[13/12/18 01:14AM] Visite oggi 11

Critic’s Notebook: Annette Peacock Has Been Improvising Music for 7 Decades. Her Life, Too.
[13/12/18 01:14AM] Visite oggi 11

The Far Out Freestyle Fashion of Byron Bay, Australia
[13/12/18 01:14AM] Visite oggi 11

How to Officiate Your First Wedding (and Why You’d Want To)
[13/12/18 01:14AM] Visite oggi 11

State Courts Become Battleground Over Trump’s Sanctuary Cities Policy
[13/12/18 01:14AM] Visite oggi 11

Pensioni e reddito, il disgelo Conte-Ue crea tensioni con Salvini e Di Maio
[13/12/18 01:08AM] Visite oggi 11

L'Amaca di Michele Serra (13/12/2018)
[13/12/18 12:50AM] Visite oggi 11

Cop24: appello Onu a compromesso
[13/12/18 12:45AM] Visite oggi 11

In Edicola sul Fatto Quotidiano del 13 dicembre: 2 Ue e 2 misure: per Macron deficit-pil al 3,5%, per Conte al 2,04
[13/12/18 12:44AM] Visite oggi 11

Pelosi Reaches Deal With Dissident Democrats on Term Limits for Speaker
[13/12/18 12:38AM] Visite oggi 11

Brexit, l'appello di Timothy Garton Ash: 'Amici europei, aiutateci'
[13/12/18 12:32AM] Visite oggi 11

Manovra, Di Maio e Salvini sono i rivoluzionari del compromesso
[13/12/18 12:32AM] Visite oggi 11

Manovra, la bandiera bianca del deficit al 2,04 per cento
[13/12/18 12:32AM] Visite oggi 11

Senators in both parties are finding ways to push McConnell and challenge Trump
[13/12/18 12:32AM] Visite oggi 11

Cohen Sentencing, Brexit, China Trade: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing
[13/12/18 12:32AM] Visite oggi 11

Pelosi clears major hurdle in bid to be House Speaker, reaching a deal with Democratic rebels that includes stepping aside by 2022
[13/12/18 12:19AM] Visite oggi 11

Cotton to demand vote in effort to further restrict criminal justice system overhaul
[13/12/18 12:19AM] Visite oggi 11

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[07/12/18 01:38AM]
At ‘60 Minutes,’ Independence Led to Trouble, Investigators Say
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The showā€™s ā€œphysical, administrative and cultural separationā€ from the rest of CBS News permitted misconduct, according to a draft of a report for the CBS board.



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